Are You Looking for Cube Trucks for Rent in Brooklyn?

When you need a large truck for hauling equipment or belongings, you usually can choose from cube trucks that are either 14 feet or 20 feet in length. Each of these sized trucks can be used for specific purposes. For instance, a 14-foot truck is an ideal option for moving into a one- or two-bedroom home or apartment.

Choosing the Right Truck for Your Needs

If you need to consider cube trucks for rent in Brooklyn for production purposes, you are better off checking out the models that are 20 feet in length. Both 14-foot and 20-foot trucks can be rented at normal rental rates and are also assessed mileage and tax. Once the driver has exceeded the daily mileage allowance, he or she is assessed for mileage.

When you select cube trucks for rent that are 14 feet in length, their dimensions are usually 15 feet long by 81 inches tall by 88 inches wide. The overall height from the ground is about 10 feet 6 inches tall. These trucks have freight capacity of 3,000 pounds and a lift capacity of 1,600 pounds.

Interior and Exterior Amenities

The 14-foot cube trucks for rent feature such amenities as anti-lock brakes, passenger airbags, and automatic transmissions. Interiors showcase a large cargo space as well as air conditioning and a central locking dual bucket seat. Exteriors feature tie-downs as well as a power liftgate. You do not need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive this vehicle.

Besides cube trucks for rent, you can also select 14-foot ramp trucks. These trucks come with the optional liftgate. They have many of the same features as the cube trucks, and therefore are also an excellent choice for moving equipment or furnishings.

Where to Obtain Further Details

If you want to learn more about these types of rental trucks, visit CC Rental LIC online today. Get an idea of the truck you are renting, so you have a better idea of what to expect.

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