Buying Guide for Designer Wallcoverings

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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Designer wallcoverings can do a lot to change your ho-hum office to an impressive-looking workspace. However, finding the right one can be a challenge. Use the following tips to steer your buying decisions in the right direction.

Consider the durability of the material

Durability is a major consideration. No one wants to invest in wallpapers only for the material to fade, chip or peel prematurely. Nor is it a good idea to choose coverings that won’t stand up well to dings, dents and scratches. That’s what you get from shoddily-made coverings, though. If you want options that last, consider buying topnotch designer wallcoverings. That’s one way to ensure you end up with products that last.

Know what you’re getting into

When you choose coverings for your office walls, do your homework. Find out how to properly care for and maintain the material. If you don’t like the thought of too much maintenance work and cleanup costs, then pick a material that won’t give you too much trouble and maintenance problems. If you don’t know, consult with wallcovering pros and ask for help and tips.

Install them right

Your wallcoverings may have wrinkles or have seams that don’t match up. Before you think that product quality is at fault, check for installation mistakes. Improper installation can easily result in problems that could compromise the way your coverings look. The best thing to do to prevent these problems from happening is to hire pros to handle the installation work in the first place.

Consider the space

If you’re shopping for coverings to put in high-traffic areas of your office, you’re going to need to consider abrasion resistance, breaking strength, coating adhesion, stain resistance and more, Buildings says. You’ll want to keep these things in mind before you settle for a specific covering for the walls you and your team see every day at work.

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