High Quality Wallpapers and Wall Coverings

When you decorate your home, you probably have a vision in mind about what the final result will look like. By choosing high quality wall paper, you can ensure that your walls look absolutely perfect. Many designers opt for a more ethnic look, by choosing natural wallpapers such as natural woven Grass cloth or stone Gold leaf prints. This can work wonders for a home, embracing the natural essence that already exists and transforming it into something new, and modern.

Choosing Types of Wall Paper

Wood Wallpaper brings a different aura to your home. Original Grasserie wallpaper is woven by using natural bamboo and paper weaves, creating a highly original and natural look that will suit any home. Vintage vinyl is also a preferred choice when it comes to decorative wallpaper. It is class A fire rated, and can make the finish on your walls look remarkable.

For people who prefer a smoother look, printed pressed wallpaper is a great choice as well. It comes with designs imprinted on the paper, and with the wide range of options that are available, you can spice up your décor in many different ways. With natural wallpapers, you are not limited in any aspect. There is a wide range of finishes available and the color choices are phenomenal. You can have it as vibrant, or as plain as you like. Don’t settle for bland and boring wallpapers from your local DIY shop, when you can have high quality original bamboo designs or luxurious embossed wall coverings.

Why Choose Natural Wallpapers

From natural weaves to perfectly in line cross thatched squares, the possibilities are endless. Japanese silk wall paper can look fantastic as well. The soft appearance and comforting touch makes it ideal for modern homes that need a fresh burst of authenticity. Metallic silk is another option that people seem to love. From star dust silk to Japanese copper and Neptune navy, the textures and hue choices are endless. Whatever covering you choose for your walls, you obviously will want the end result to be stunning. Most wallpaper stores will have customer care representatives on hand to answer questions, make recommendations, and to help with product selections. You simply can’t go wrong with high quality wallpaper that will last for generations.

Wolf-Gordon Inc is a leading distributor of wall paper. They stock a wide variety of Japanese and natural bamboo designs, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to spice up the decor in their home or apartment.

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