What You Should Know About Natural Wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale FL

While having luxurious furniture and high-quality flooring are great ways to transform your home’s interior, the right wall covering can enhance your home, significantly. While there are many ways to enhance your walls, the use of natural wallcoverings, such as grasscloth, can be an excellent choice. If you are considering using grasscloth on your walls, here are some things you should know.

High Quality, High Costs

When searching for a natural wallcovering in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, you may want to consider grasscloth because of the natural, yet luxurious aesthetic it can add to your home. Made from materials such as bamboo, hemp, raffia, and more, choosing grasscloth wallpaper is also easy on the environment. Produced via a labor-intensive process that requires the majority of the wallpaper to be made by hand, grasscloth can be substantially more than the cost of traditional wallpaper. You can typically find this type of wallcovering in luxury hotels and expensive homes.

Extremely Delicate

Made from the thinnest of fibers that are hand-woven together, grasscloth can be easily torn or scratched much easier than other types of wallpaper. Keep this in mind if you have a cat, as the grassy scent combined with the texture can encourage your cat to want to use it as a scratching post. Also, try not to have grasscloth installed at a height where small children can get to it, or in a position that furniture, doors, et cetera can scratch it. Visit us online to see a variety of natural wallcoverings that can be suitable for you.

Professional Installation

This is not the average wallpaper that you can slap some glue on the back of and stick to your wall. Grasscloth is very delicate and the installation process requires special skills along with professional tools. Whether you opt for grasscloth or another type of wallpaper, visit us online so that you can schedule a professional install of your wallcovering.

When searching for natural wallcoverings in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, you may want to consider your lifestyle as well as your health. If you have small children and lots of animals, or you suffer from allergies, some natural wallcoverings may not be right for you.

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