Choosing a New Church in Detroit – What to Look For

Are you relocating to the Detroit area? If so, you may be wondering what kind of churches in Detroit, MI are available – and how well they would work for your family. Here’s your guide to choosing between churches in Detroit, MI to find the perfect new home for your family’s faith:

Bible-Driven Teachings and Beliefs

No matter where you attend church or what kind of approach your church takes to mass services, it’s important to look for one thing before all others in a new religious home: the belief in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. A church cannot truly be a church without this belief. It is the foundation of all Christian and Catholic life. Find a church that honors that foundation and builds upon it without compromising.

Comfortable Worship Atmosphere

The worship style and social atmosphere of every church is different. This is what drives many people to choose one location for worship services over another. Knowing your family’s comfort level and personal preferences when it comes to worship style can help you determine quickly if a church is for you.

Do people at your potential new church dance, sing, and worship loudly? If this is your favorite approach. You may have found your new home. If you prefer a subtler approach, look for a church that has a quieter congregation. Regardless, your new church should make you feel welcome to worship in whichever way you prefer.

Ultimately, the church you look for should be one that meets your family’s needs and feeds you spiritually. You will never find the perfect church; a perfect Catholic church does not exist. However, once you find the right church for you and your family, you’ll find that the perfection of worshipping and fellowshipping with other, imperfect people makes it feel like the perfect fit.

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