Evaluating Minnesota Companies Offering Precision Machined Parts

OEMs looking for contract manufacturing services to partner for the production of precision machined parts have several factors to consider. One of the biggest mistakes made by new OEMs during this search process is to consider the bid cost on the project as the first criteria.

In fact, when it comes to the production of precision machined parts, the best companies can often work with the OEM in developing a cost-effective production method, but the lowest cost is not always the best option to consider.

Industry Expertise

Any machining service with CNC equipment can offer their services in the production of precision machined parts. However, they may not offer the engineering expertise, the understanding of industry requirements and standards, and the ability to work with the various materials required for the parts.

Choosing a contract manufacturing service or a machining service to work with for a single order should begin with the vetting of the company as to their specific industry experience. This can be invaluable to the production of machined parts in both the ability to meet tolerances and the overall quality control throughout production.

Quality Control

Process and production quality control is essential for precision parts. Ideally, any machine shop under consideration should be ISO 9001 certified. This means the company has voluntarily committed to uphold clearly defined quality control measures and to ensure only top-quality equipment and services are used and provided.

Additional Services

Some, but not all, Minnesota precision machining companies offer additional services. These services can include the assembly of components, which is very beneficial in reducing supply chain costs by using one provider for multiple steps in the production of parts and components.

Taking a big-picture look at what the precision machining service can offer is highly recommended. A top provider can provide a lower overall cost, reduce additional expenses in supply chain, and also complete orders with a shorter overall turnaround time.

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