Tips to Remove Carpet Stains

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Carpets

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Do you go to all measures to protect your carpet from stains? Sauces, drinks, and pets can leave life-long marks on your carpets. No matter how you try to protect your carpet from a spill or accident, it may be bound to happen at some point. Instead of losing hopes of maintaining your flawless carpet, you can consider some methods of removing even the deepest and darkest stains if an accident occurs.

Pet Stains

Sometimes no matter how well-trained your pet is they can have an accident. Whether they just can’t hold it in anymore or are sick, this is a common occurrence among younger pets but can be experienced by a pet owner of an animal any age.

Pick up solid waste using gloves or paper towels, and blot liquid stains to soak up some of the mess. If you are not home and come home hours after the stain occurred, don’t panic. Treat it by moistening it with a solution made specifically for stains caused by pets. There are some follow-up methods that have shown positive results to then perform. Try mixing a quarter cup of white vinegar with some warm water. Then apply this to the stain, allowing it to soak up the stain for a couple minutes.

Coffee Stains

If you are rushed, you can quickly knock over your morning cup of coffee. You can clean up this mess without arriving late to work. Blot the coffee spill. Try mixing some vinegar, non-bleach detergent and warm water together to prevent this stain from becoming a permanent mark. Stores also sell products that aim to clean specific messes such as a coffee spill.

Drink and Food Spills

Stains can become a part of life when having children. It’s easy for sippy cups, other drinks, and plates of food to get knocked off of tables and end up on the floor. Blot the wet or stained area and apply a mixture of Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water.

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