Industrial Control Systems in the Mid 21st Century and Beyond

Is your business involved with or do you plan to invest in industrial control system technology? If so, you stand a good chance to make substantial gains in the future. In fact, there are many good signs for electrical control panel design and manufacturing companies for the next few decades. Let’s check out some of these things you can expect.

Greater Expansion

Have you ever heard of Moore’s Law? Gordon Moore of Intel Corporation did research which showed that transistor production (per square inch of integrated circuitry) had doubled each year, since their beginnings. According to Moore’s Law, this trend should continue for many years. However, it’s not as brisk as it once was, and now the doubling takes about one and one-half years, instead of one year. This is still good news for anyone in electrical control panel design or manufacturing.

Larger and More Complex Displays

Many kinds of machinery need increased monitoring capabilities these days. For example, as equipment gets more complicated and robotics becomes more commonplace, panel display will need more room to allow for more data. Electrical control panel design will include more LCD panel features that allow for programming, and not just for equipment like CNC machinery. Many manufacturing companies are turning to computerized circuitry and smart technology.

Many industrial control systems will include voice activated commands and synthetic voice data transmission technology. This makes it possible to communicate with machinery almost instantly, and it’s possible that wireless technology (like Bluetooth) will enter the picture too.

Operator-Friendly Control Rooms

As companies deal with worker compensation claims from repetitive motion and sitting for long periods, electrical control panel design will include greater concern for the operator’s health. Many panels will be designed so the operator can sit or stand, along with easier to read and use control buttons.

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