Run Through Your Safety Needs with a Fire Safety Inspection Checklist in Oahu

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Fire Protection Service

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You’ve been working in your home all day, getting ready to entertain some guests. This whole event has been months in the making. You’ve been bustling around the house all day, decorating and cooking. You’re just putting the finishing touches on your main course when you smell something burning. You look over and, sure enough, something or other has caught on fire and is spreading rapidly. Forget any plans that you might have had; they’ve just gone up in smoke and if you’re not careful, your home will as well!

Fire safety is an integral part of both homeownership as well as the commercial sphere. If you own a place of business, you’re going to need to make sure that it’s up to the latest fire and safety codes. That’s why you’ll want to work with experts who can run through a fire safety inspection checklist in Oahu.

Inspection of Demand

When it comes to fire safety, time is of the essence. Every day you go without a proper fire extinguisher or safety checks on your premises is a day in which your family, coworkers, and property are in danger. That’s why the best experts in fire safety will schedule checks on demand, running through a standard fire safety inspection checklist, making recommendations, and taking action as necessary.

Inspection Services

As they run through their fire safety inspection checklist, the best fire safety experts can perform a variety of services for your home or company, including:

* Semi-annual services for maintenance and testing of fire safety systems in restaurants, office buildings, homes, and other properties
* Semi-annual services for spray booth dry chemical suppression systems
* Annual inspections of your fire extinguishers
* Annual inspections of your fire hoses and fire pumps

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