Uses Of Aluminum Flat Stock

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Metal

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There are some types of aluminum extrusions that are more universally used than others. While aluminum flat stock or aluminum flat bar is not commonly used in all types of fabrications and manufacturing needs, it is very commonly used in several different industries.

As the name implies, aluminum flat stock is wider than it is thick. It can be as small as an eighth of an inch in thickness and a half an inch in width up to several inches in thickness and width. It commonly comes in standard lengths of twelve feet.

This is an extruded aluminum shape, although it can also be formed through a rolling process. Through the extrusion process the internal grain stress is relieved, leaving the final product straight and flat, perfect for a wide range of different uses.

Machining Parts and Components

One of the most common uses of aluminum flat stock is in the OEM industry. This material can be machined very easily and it is easy to finish. It can be produced at high speeds, making it a cost-effective material for many different components.

Flat bar can be used to make die, jigs, tools, electronic components and even for gauges. Depending on the alloy it will have different properties that make it ideal for specific applications and uses.

Structural Components

The 6061 aluminum flat stock is often used to design custom structural components for machines, equipment and for vehicles. This includes use on boats and other types of marine craft. It is also used for brackets and hydraulic system components and parts.

It offers strength and light weight characteristics combined with a high level of corrosion resistance without any additional need for surface finishing. It is durable and can stand up to harsh environmental conditions. You will find this plate used when the product or component will be used outdoors.


For both indoor and outdoor furniture, flat bar is often used for areas requiring additional support. With the various widths and thicknesses, it is a perfect option wider framing and fabrication needs.

The aluminum can also be finished using a variety of treatment options. This can be used to provide colors from blues and greens to black and white on the surface. This additional finish adds to both the aesthetics of the furniture items as well as its durability and resistance to any type of corrosion.

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