Professional Anti Weld Spatter Solutions

If your operations include welding, then you know what spatter build-up can do to your tools and your equipment, at Secoa Metal Finishings, they provide a number of anti weld spatter solutions for decades. Here is a look at how they can control spatter build-up in your operations.

They offer a number of anti weld spatter solutions including weld fixtures such as FluoroClad SDFC™. This solution is a two coat, water-based dispersion that includes both a PTFE topcoat and a primer. FluoroClad SDFC™ is also infused with titanium to improve durability. Simply use the solution and remove the splatter with compressed air, a glove or a soft cloth and you are done. FluoroClad SDFC™ is designed to operate at temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to our coatings, they also offer a line of powerful and durable weld nozzles, tips, and diffusers. To keep your nozzles and tips in top shape. PerfectArcs™ – a one coat waterbased solution. With PerfectArcs™, you can potentially extend the life of your nozzles and tips by up to 20 fold.

They are working with industrial operations since 1964. In that time, they have introduced the latest solutions to coatings, processes and services. To find solutions that will allow your machines and process to remain more durable and allow your operation to become more efficient. In addition to many products, they also offer the expertise that will allow you to find the right product for your needs.

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