Why Requests for Cremation Services In Renton, WA Have Increased

Many Renton funerals are traditional and end with graveside services, followed by burial. However, there is a growing demand for Cremation Services In Renton Wa. Area residents often choose it in order to stay within their budgets and to simplify final arrangements. Many eco-friendly residents also opt for cremation because it is better for the planet than burying a body in a casket.

Cremation Is Eco Friendly

Every year hundreds of area residents who worry about the shrinking amount of local “green spaces” arrange for Cremation Services In Renton Wa. Most are also opposed to the idea of placing cremated remains in caskets, enclosed in cement vaults and then burying them. It can take decades for materials to break down and as bodies decompose, toxins seep into the earth and potentially even water supplies. Cremation does not rule out embalming a body, so families can still schedule visitations, have the deceased cremated and dispose of ashes in any way they want.

Funerals Are Easier to Arrange

Families also choose cremation because it makes funeral planning very simple. Unless there is a suspicious death that requires investigation, a body can typically be cremated within a few days after death. Families then have the time to consult one another about funeral arrangements. There is also extra time for out-of-town friends and family to arrive. Planning around cremated ashes offers more choices. Options include simply scattering cremains, having them made into memorial jewelry, sending them into space or having them added to memorial benches for meditation gardens.

Families Avoid Going Into Debt

Basic cremation is also one of the least expensive ways to conduct a dignified funeral. There are established, trustworthy businesses offering cremations starting at less than $800. That includes transferring a body from the place of death, filing a death certificate, cremation in a basic container and either scattering ashes or returning them to family. Cremains are returned in cardboard containers, but families can order urns as well as other products and services.

Cremation is now almost as common as traditional burial, primarily because of its low cost. Many families also choose cremation because it simplifies planning and is more earth friendly than cemetery burial.

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