3 Reasons Why Families Choose Cremation Services In Renton, Wa

Renton, Washington funeral professionals are seeing an increase in the number of requests for cremation. The uptick mirrors a U.S. trend. Today more than 60% of families request cremations, which is in stark contrast to the 10% that was common in 1980. Families now choose cremation because it simplifies funeral planning and is more affordable than traditional arrangements. Many people also opt for Cremation Services In Renton Wa because they dislike the idea of being buried and do not want to use land for that purpose.

Cremation Is an Affordable Option

The cost of Cremation Services In Renton Wa is one of its biggest draws. Common expenses related to traditional services and burials include embalming, visitation and graveside services as well as placement of a headstone. Even the simplest choices can still cost families well over $5,000. Depending on location and the costs of cemetery plots, some funerals cost more than $10,000. In contrast, funeral professionals offer direct cremation for well under $1,000.

It Is Simpler to Arrange Funerals Around Cremation

Some families choose cremation because it simplifies funeral planning. When families opt for traditional burials they are forced to make a number of decisions very quickly because bodies can only be preserved for a limited time, even if they are embalmed. That often means that friends or family members miss services. In comparison, it is possible to have the deceased cremated within 3-5 days of death. Families can then take all the time they need to reach out to everyone concerned. They also have time to plan memorials in detail.

Some People Do Not Like the Idea of Burial

There are also individuals who opt for cremation because they hate the idea of being buried in the ground. Most either pre-plan their funerals or let their families know that they prefer cremation. Some clients choose cremation because they want to conserve land instead of using it for a burial plot.

Requests for cremation have increased dramatically in the last few decades, primarily because it is an affordable option. Some clients request cremation because it makes funeral planning easier. Cremation is also popular among those who dislike the idea of being buried or using land to bury caskets and vaults.

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