Fluoropolymer Coating – Benefits and Uses

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Plating and Metal Finishing

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The term “super paints” is often associated with fluoropolymers. This is due to the fact that fluoropolymers are durable and versatile. They possess particular qualities that make them highly suitable for use in various industrial applications where durability and extra protection are required. A fluoropolymer coating may be applied to surfaces in manufacturing and industrial settings in order to reduce their wear and tear and extend the life of equipment parts.

Non Stick Feature
The type of smooth surface that can be obtained through the use of this coating results in what is referred to as a non-stick surface. A very limited number of substances will adhere to this type of surface, making it highly suitable for particular applications, such as the manufacturer of non-stick cookware.

Fluoropolymer coatings have exceptional non-stick characteristics and are used to manufacture parts that are designed to be easy to clean. The food industry makes use of these coatings extensively.

Wear Resistance
Another application of non-stick fluoropolymer coating involves cables that run underwater. These cables can sustain wear and tear quite easily due to the elements to which they are exposed. Fluoropolymers provide these cables with protection that increases their operating service life while exposed to an underwater environment.

Heat Resistance
Fluoropolymers are so exceptionally resistant to heat. They can resist temperatures of 500°F (200°C). As a result they are used extensively to cover electrical wiring, providing the wiring with import insulation during a fire. This insulation can prevent short circuits from occurring that could result in an expansion of the fire.

Firefighters and emergency responders can benefit from the use of fluoropolymer coating products upon their protective wear. The coding protects against fires and other hazards such as chemicals.

Fluoropolymer coatings may be used extensively to protect equipment and reduce maintenance requirements in manufacturing and other industrial settings. The benefits provided by this type of coating our extensive and help ensure that a company’s operations run smoothly on a consistent basis. If you need this type are protected coating for your company’s operations or for particular project, contact an experienced metal coatings company today to learn more about your options.

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